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General Membership Meetings

1.  The  First General Membership Meeting is held soon after our parade.  Members who want to remain in the Krewe of Eve turn in their Returning Membership Forms, usually by April 1.

2.   The Second General Membership Meeting  is to order throws.  Members will be able to see most of the throws that are being offered by the Krewe of Eve.  Members are STRONGLY encouraged to order throws from the Krewe since this is one way that the Krewe keeps dues from going up.   Members are also encouraged to order at least one LED Package and/or one PreLoad Package.

3.  The Third General Membership Meeting is the Court Announcement.  Members will learn who the new Queen Eve and her court are, as well as the junior maids, pages, dukes, and her King Adam.  The Court Announcement in 2024 is on October 30.

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